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Coronavirus Resources


Here are the trusted sites that I go to for my information!

Resources: List

Fringe Benefit Analysts

COVID-19 Resource Page

We now have a Coronavirus Resource page on our Company Website.  ITs updated regularly - and packed with information from a variety of sources.

United Benefit Advisors

Market Information

Fringe is members of this association of independent agents.  The Blog that they do is fabulous!

National Association of Health Underwriters

Reliable Answers

NAHU is an organization that represents the health insurance industry.  The are committed to education and legislation on behalf of my industry.  Information provided from NAHU is always valuable.

Department of Labor Coronavirus Webpage

Federal Resource

The information here is updated regularly.  Fact Sheets, Q&A and Posters are available for download

Paycheck Protection Program Loan Forgiveness

How to complete the forms to get your funds forgiven

If you requested any of these funds or know of anyone that did all will want to watch this to make sure the forms are completed correctly and funds are able to be retained and not paid back.  After watching the 30 minute video and you still have question or want some help please reach out to us, we are here for you and those you know.

Creating a Culture Free of Bias, Prejudice & Harrassment

Webinar Sponsored by HR Service Inc.

This webinar can help employers create a more positive work environment.

Online PPP Forgiveness Calculator

Online Link

Employers or their tax advisers can use the tool to fill out the PPP Forgiveness applications. The tool will produce the required government forms automatically

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