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How I became a Benefit Guru

I’ve been told several times by colleagues, friends and clients that they wish I could just download the information from my brain to them.  I hope that with this blog I’m able to start helping more companies to fully understand how employee benefits work and to get them most out of them. 

As a licensed producer I have comprehensive perspective of the Health Care Industry. Previously I worked for a  Hospital, two different Health Insurance carriers, and in a Home Health Agency. This broad experience promotes a wide understanding and helps me to brain-storm solutions.

As a self-motivated quick learner, I have become extremely familiar with employee benefit compliance, the Affordable Care Act, and recent COVID-19 Legislation for employers.  I was invited as a guest panelist on KNR Radio to field questions from callers when the ACA was in its infancy 

I love technology… and am considered an early adopter.  I am the mother of 3, enjoy spending time with my family, and hope to live on the beach someday. 

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